Peter Gill Case founded truth box, inc. in 2002, to promote sustainable design and construction.
Mr. Case received his Masters in Architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design, and his undergraduate degree from Brown University in Urban Studies. Since founding truth box, inc., Mr. Case has made an architectural practice based on the broad definition of sustainable design. In some instances, this has led to large-scale mill buildings, the reuse and recycling of buildings and materials complemented by the use of state-of-the-art equipment. In other instances, such as in residential projects, this has translated into using alternative building materials such as straw bales, structural insulated panels, and strategies to improve energy efficiency, such as passive solar design. Mr. Case began sustainable development work in 2004 in order demonstrate to a variety of markets that green, conscientious design enhances the revenue and balance sheet of real estate ventures, and need not cost more than conventional building.